Working with the sound of the ocean

Despite our technology-focused content the past weeks, we are still striving for a good work-life-balance and this time we organized a small workation in northern Spain – an area that is not well-known for tourists, but indeed interesting as it combines surfable beaches, an amazing landscape, fast 4G almost everywhere. This is a very good equation for digital nomads.

Another novum this time was, that there were no apartments involved. We travelled by camper. By 2 iconic Volkswagen T3 busses to be specific. They look quite small from the outside, but they have tons of compartments and also our surfboards fit in there with ease.

One tip for your trip: Take a camper with a fixed top. This has two major advantages. You can store all the baggage in the top of the bus and you can fix the surfboards on the outside of the bus.

With this comfort it is a pleasure to travel between the beaches and cliffs around Santander. There is a nice App called Park4Night (iOS, Android) which provides lot of information of camping sites, parking places and other interesting places nearby worth traveling by camper.

Breakfast in the sun with a stunning view. Working with the sound of the ocean in the background. Catching the perfect wave. This is our definition of work-life-balance. Shoot us a message about your preferences. We are curious!